Thelesis Loadge has Six Officers:

Body Master Frater Aaron J.
Deputy Body Master
Secretary Soror Infans Fulminis Prehendet
Treasurer Frater Colimus Lucem
Local EGC Secretary Frater Momus
Initiation Secretary Frater Chris G.
Public Relations Correspondent Frater Lux Ad Mundi
Seneschal Frater TZAL

The primary roles of the officers are to ensure that the Body remains functional, cohesive, and enjoyable for its members. They also handle the administrative aspects of being an O.T.O. Body, and they act as liaisons between Grand Lodge and Thelesis. In addition to the officers, there are many members of Thelesis who work to assist the officers in handling affairs such as creating calendars, setting up rituals and discussions, etc. Any member of the Body can ask to be involved with the workings of the Body unless it is specified otherwise.