Mission Statement

Thelesis is a recognized Local Bodyof the O.T.O., and as such promotes the Law of Thelema (Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.) by recognizing that every individual has a personal Will and the right to follow it, and therefore conducts all group actions in accordance with that philosophy.

As a Local Body, Thelesis provides a gateway for initiation into the greater Order for those who seek it, offering and hosting initiations of the Man of Earth, from Minerval through Knight Of the East and West. Thelesis recognizes the authority of the O.T.O. as one of the first Freemasonic bodies of the New Aeon to have embraced the Law of Thelema and strives to stay in harmony with the Order’s more general objectives as well as focus on our own local spiritual and creative initiatives and the inner development of our members.

Thelesis recognizes the Gnostic Mass as the central ritual of the O.T.O. and performs public and private bi-monthly performances. Members are encouraged and supported in exploring their potentials as officers of the Mass and ordained members of the E.G.C.

Thelesis provides fraternity for those who are interested in Thelema, Magick and occult knowledge, respecting and supporting its members in their own individual spiritual quest no matter what religious, political or creative efforts they feel necessary to pursue that quest. Thelesis officially recognizes no political agenda, but will fraternally support the right to individual opinion by its members. The uniting purpose may best be summed up with a quote from the Gnostic Mass:

“the accomplishment of your True Wills, the Great Work, the Summum Bonum, true wisdom and perfect happiness”.

Thelesis is ever committed to providing tools and techniques that offer empowerment to the individual, leading to self-transformation according to one’s individual Will. These tools include informative workshops, discussions, lectures, group ritual, and the individual use of Thelesis facilities.

In sum, Thelesis offers to its members the fraternity, inspiration and training that is necessary to explore their True Wills, to work that Will both within themselves and in the world.